Chrissy L

The Label was born as an ode to my beautiful mother and best friend who beat the ultimate battle, cancer. “I was in a dark place when mum fell ill. I had lost the purpose in my life and so I decided that the only way I could get it back was to create my own. I started making jewellery as an escape; it is about feeling the pieces and then living the fantasy.”

Each piece I designed was a piece I would love to see my mum in when she got better and could wear out to lunch. Each piece was designed with hope… The result was a unique range which attracted the admiration of friends and associates. Soon Chrissy was producing jewellery to adorn a rapidly growing list of clients. In 2004 Chrissy decided to hang up her heels in the world of advertising and transform her passion into a lifestyle. It was then the Chrissy L jewellery line was born. It has since evolved into a label that can now be found in leading boutiques throughout Australia and overseas and growing daily in demand.

It is also catching the attention of high profile celebrities and media personalities across the country and on the international scene such as Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Tina Faye, Demi Moore, J LO and Rihanna. In 2008 she and husband John welcomed Mia into their world. Inspired to be a great role model to her daughter, she is determined to lead by example that it is possible to find beauty in life’s greyest moments.

Free and beautiful are two words that encapsulate the designer as she makes waves in the world of accessories and the lives of everyday women around the nation. Chrissy is driven to make a difference and her motto “Made with Love, Wear with Joy!” symbolises the amazing approach this designer has taken towards her label.

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