House Of Harlow

A native Californian, Nicole was born and raised in Los Angeles and has always had a fascination with creating her own look. Having always been surrounded by entertainers, costumes, and designers Nicole developed an appreciation for fashion at an early age. “Fashion gives you the ability to express yourself, your mood; it’s a creative outlet in many ways.” Which is one of the primary reasons the Winter Kate & House of Harlow 1960 collections were born.

“I’ve always loved the possibility of being able to transform yourself through the way of dress.” This is the foundation for the Winter Kate & House of Harlow 1960 brands, where everyday dressing is an integral part of a person’s frame of mind. Nicole’s love and influence of costume dressing are apparent in the collections, whether incorporated in a print or manifested through a unique addition to a fabric or style, they are the essence of the Winter Kate & House of Harlow 1960 identity.

The lines launched in 2009, with Spring 2010 being the debut season. Nicole has been the creative force behind the brands since day one, immersing herself in every step of the brands’ creative and strategic decision-making process.

The Winter Kate & House of Harlow 1960 brands have evolved into full-fledged collections, offering ready-to-wear, jewelry, eyewear, footwear, and handbags. Since its inception, the collections have received rave reviews and tremendous celebrity following.

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