Blessed are the Meek


Obsessed fashion devotees embarked on a quest to create divine and coveted pieces with which to adorn themselves.

And so Bless’ed Are The Meek was born, and it was humbly decreed that they would strive together to push the boundaries of meekdom.

So they gathered the finest fabrics and travelled to the four corners of the earth where they saw intricate details and embellishments and modern things like invisible zips. and they were in awe and inspired.

The small and creative team toiled for seven long years and made the exodus to Sydney in 2009 where they grew and prospered and became sexy and sophisticated. And soon the word spread that Blessed was divine. And the suave and savvy sought out stores to buy the latest offering.

But they were mindful not to let it go to their heads and were careful not to overstep the mark of meekdom for they knew that conceitedness could bring bad luck like plague and pestilence and global financial crises.

So they cleverly retained their humility in pricing. And the benefits were twofold for they managed to spread the Blessed label far and wide and touch the global masses.

And in the eighth year they showed their vestments at Australian Fashion week and the traders came from far and wide to procure the wonderous finery and a global style cult was born.

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