Annette Cannock grew up in Sydney’s eastern suburbs with fashion in her blood. Annette’s innately stylish mother owned an elegant boutique in the city’s original Hilton, the grand dame of Sydney hotels located at the very heart of the shopping and entertainment district. Socialites and movie stars bought the world’s latest eveningwear styles and designs in a wealth of the most sumptuous fabrics.

Annette’s passion for beautiful clothes was born as she began to recreate styles she saw, designing gorgeous gowns and perfect dresses for herself and her sisters. The Wish label emulates the luxurious fabrics and sheer beauty of the garments Annette loved as a child.

As a young woman, the fashion devotee travelled the world, always shopping and developing a taste for an eclectic mix of fashions. Annette’s own style is perfectly Wish: a whimsical combination of dream pieces from boutiques in every corner of the globe. An instinctive fashion forecaster Annette has a divine ability to sense next season’s most addictive trends, creating collections that are perfectly positioned for the Wish generation’s zeitgeist.

Annette has a clear vision of the girl she dresses and feels deeply connected to her. She sees a confident career girl who loves to look her best in her fashion forward wardrobe. Annette’s ambition with every garment is to design a product that is highly accessible but adds something special to the wearer’s day.

Deeply in love with fashion, creating beautiful garments for her loyal following is for this designer truly a Wish come true.

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