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In 2012 I started Signature T, knowing that there was a market for well designed, Australian made women’s garments and getting there was going to be an amazing and exciting challenge.

Thinking over my extensive career in fashion some of the best advice I ever received in creating beautiful women’s wear was make it fit, make it sexy, and make it comfortable to wear. This ethos has always been core to any design that I’ve done and I think that I’ve finally been lucky enough with Signature T to be able to bring this to women in a range of beautiful clothes!

When I’m thinking about design, I always focus on the women that will be wearing them. Core to my design belief is that Australian women are smart, elegant yet sexy and my design, whether it’s casual, business, day or night wear reflects this need.

The Australian women I know have shown me that they may follow trends from Europe, America and Asia but they also have their own unique and beautiful style which reflects the modern Australian woman. Looking at these trends I wanted to translate a special Australian feel to my ranges and with this in mind I work only with local suppliers tapping into a truly special product for Australian women, which is not only on trend, but also deeply Australian.

In bringing these things together into Signature T I believe I’ve brought a truly unique range to Australian women that I know they will love!

- Thong Bao
Designer/Director, Signature T.

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