Miss Milne

Miss Milne had her first debut into the English Market in 2005 in London. As an Independent designer, working for Pepe Jeans UK she was designing and running their "one of one" ladies collection in Harvey Nichols London, designing pieces for press and working with the likes of Jamie Reid and the Sex Pistols, Jade Jagger and Sienna Miller, at this point she was approached by Topshop and launched her concession in their Oxford Circus Store,

this continued from 2006 through to 2008 enabling her to develop a strong following both through Topshop, The laden showroom for Independent Designers in London, online through ASOS, as well as a number of Boutiques throughout the UK, Europe (Paris, Berlin, Spain, Greece) and the US.

Miss Milne is about freedom, the clothing is a celebration that we are continually changing, for women who are constantly evolving, for a
woman who has the power to hold a stare and the grace to know when to flash a smile, for women, who when they get a chance they take it, it is about a love of the tiny details in life.

A passion of girlish charm juxtaposed with a little bit of rock and roll. A passion fuelled by Polaroid cameras, smoking in cheap hotel rooms, road trips, whiskey, eye contact, sarcasm, slow dancing, people who pick us up and spin us, phone

messages, old fashioned romantic gestures, bicycle rides in the night, polaroids,ice cream, the smell of mens' armpits, affection, learning new things, spontaneity, random acts of kindness... Jumping out of planes, meta-cognition, failed attempts, people who inspire us, firm handshakes, drunk dialling, boldness, eye contact, collecting old cameras, rock music.


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