House Of Wilde

Nodding towards ‘la bohème,’ Australian brand House of Wilde embodies the carefree – cognizant of liberation and unconventionality. Debuting in 2011, the brand’s iconoclasm is already evident in the loose shapes and earthy, pastel blush colours which harmonise the natural with the neutral.

The inventive behind the brand, Alice McCall, The Designer, infuses her personal presence and style in the form of effortless chic. Bringing over a decade of experience to House of Wilde, her collections inspire weightlessness and serenity forming the basis of the brand’s aesthetic.

More than just insouciant influence, the House of Wilde instils a coveted presence of festival chic all year round. From tie-dye to floaty sheers the brand epitomizes the facility of fashion, celebrating causality and creative license.

Mission Statement

Attuned to the free-spirited nature of fashion, House of Wilde stands for everything debonair and delicate. House of Wilde provides die-hard trends to creative minds around the world, from East to West, inspiring confidence through traditional shapes and styles relative to today’s direction.

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