After 40 years in the Ragtrade George Spyrou stands alone. There are few that survive this industry with the impact and success George has achieved during his career.

At age 15, George started out as a cutter for a clothing manufacturer, an unlikely choice for the local Redfern boy. Whilst honing his skills as a cutter George attended college to learn the art of patternmaking. Young, fresh and eager George was on the road to success in the fashion world. In their early twenties George and a partner set up a successful women’s shirt label. Ten years later George set up a company with Stuart Membery which lasted 4 years, before launching his own women’s label GS.

GS was the springboard for George into the larger fashion arena. Between the years of 1985-1998 George introduced many new women’s brands into the Australian market. In 1998, he amalgamated them under one label, simply calling it “G e o r g e”. The ”G e o r g e” label reflects a passion to dress women beautifully. With the reputation for creating sophisticated style and maintaining the highest quality, George has achieved great success with both the “G e o r g e” and “G e o r g e Evening” labels. The collections are fashion forward whilst incorporating the latest international style, trends and adapting to meet the needs of his loyal customers.

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