Salt City Candles

Salt City Candle uses a unique triple blend of highly refined paraffin & soy waxes that surpass the burning & fragrance performance of other brands. All waxes are of food-grade quality, which helps ensure a much cleaner burn. Salt City Candle's wax formula allows it to hold a higher percentage of fragrance.

Salt City Candle uses a top quality blend of both natural & synthetic fragrance oils in our candle products. Our oils are concentrated to create a more intense fragrance.

Salt City Candle is dedicated to providing top quality products, and we have never used lead wicks in any of our products. The health and well-being of our customers is paramount. Salt City Candle is committed to staying up-to-date on information regarding consumer health & safety. Salt City Candle uses zinc core wicks that are 100% lead free. Zinc core wicks tend to burn hotter and more evenly than cotton wicks and create less soot.

Salt City Candle products are popular and gaining ground in the gift market because we produce the most fragrant scented candles on the market. Our unique wax formulation allows us to use higher levels of fragrance oils per candle. This formulation burns cleaner and lasts longer than other soft wax candles. Salt City Candle is dedicated to selecting only the best & truest fragrances. Salt City Candle also offers one of the largest collections. Whether you prefer the scent of fruit, floral or spice, Salt City Candle has a fragrance to fit you.

Burn times will vary according to size. Approximate times are listed below.

10 Oz. = 50 - 60 hours
16 Oz. = 80 - 100 hours
26 Oz. = 120 - 140 hours

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